For over two thousand years London has sat at its place on the River Thames as the crossing point and capital. For millennia this city has played a major part in British and world history, and was the focal point for the largest Empire in human history. Throughout the streets of this city stand statues and monuments to the men and women that built and shaped the city, the country and the world. Some of their names are burned into our collective memory and some have faded with time, yet all have fascinating lives and stories that are worth retelling and should never be forgotten.

The London Statues Tour will take you through some of the most iconic parts of London, following the statues and their stories as we pass them all. From Leicester Square, through Trafalgar Square, down Whitehall and all the way to the Houses of Parliament. Every day we walk past these effigies, some we know but many we don’t, yet each has a tale to amaze and astonish and we will reveal all.

Come along and follow us on this 2 hour tour and meet the people who shaped the world we live in. Find a date and time that works for you and book your place.

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