Fun and Historical London Walking Tours

The LordPrice Experience has a range of interesting, fun and historical London walking tours designed to take you around the largest and most historically diverse city in Europe. Whether you’re interested in learning the stories that shaped a city over 2000 years old, or you just want to see more of the sites, sights and sounds, LordPrice has the experience you will want.

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There is nothing that quite compares to the majestic view of London at night. All along the south bank of the river you can see the true beauty of this city as the sun goes down and the lights of London bring it to life.

Come and join us on a tour that will show you just how amazing London looks in the dark as the lights of the city glitter like a jewel before you. We will take you along the south bank of the river Thames, giving you the best view of the city as it lights up. From the London Eye, all the way down to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, come see it for yourself!



As the night draws in and the streets become deserted, do you have the nerve to travel some of the most haunted roads in all of the world? London is full of spooky myths and legends that will set your teeth chattering and heart racing in fear. From battling spectres, cursed churches, demonic abductions and headless Queens; London has never been short of ghostly apparitions.

This 2 hour tour will sweep you around some of most haunted locations within The City, starting at St Paul’s Cathedral and ending outside the gates of the dreaded Tower of London. Come with us and find out the truly terrifying tales that the denizens of London have tried to forget. Will you spy one of the city’s legendary ghosts on your journey?



What was the swinging 60s? Why was London the hub of such a cultural movement driven by the youth of its day? What made this city such a global metropolis and what stories are dying to be told from such a turbulent era?

This tour will take you round some of the key hotspots of London during the Swinging 60s. If it’s music you want find the places where the Beatles played their first and last live performances in the capital, where the Jimi Hendrix Experience played their first UK gig, where David Bowie recorded Ziggy Stardust, and the coffee bar where British rock ’n roll was born. Let fashion come alive by visiting the shopping street that led sixties fashion trends. See where the faces and names that have stood the test of time for over 50 years worked and played and lived. Come and see Soho and its surrounds as it would have been during one of the defining moments of the modern era.



From Leicester Square to Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square this tour will take you through the lives and stories of some of the most famous influential men and women of London, Britain and the world. Each one comes with a tale worth hearing, tales that shaped the world we live in now, when more than ever street art and statues are in the news.

From Charlie Chaplin to Winston Churchill, via the likes of Lord Nelson, Edith Cavell, Abraham Lincoln and Millicent Fawcett; these stories need to be told and we will guide you through them all. Kings, generals and politicians; activists, nurses and actors. Battlefields, hustings and bedrooms will be recreated on the streets of London as we throw ourselves into the lives of these titans; not just their public lives but their private ones as well.



A gentle stroll along the river can be the perfect way to start the day or set you up for lunch. When that river is the mighty Thames and you’re walking along its famous Southbank, then your day certainly will start the right way. From Big Ben past Shakespeare’s Globe, London Bridge, the Pool of London, the Tower of London, and ending past Tower Bridge in the old dockside area of Bermondsey. Southbank is the perfect spot to observe the true grandeur of this amazing city.

London is there because of the River Thames and this walk will give you the city’s story as seen from its banks. The Romans founded Londinium on its lowest crossing point and the history of the city is inextricably tied in with its great river.

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